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EK 50

Allowing applications up to a height of approx. 3 m. and up to a width of 1 m, EK 50 slstem provides approximately 30 square meters area of sight, when all sashes are added.

With two different sill detail solutions, it provides application that can be adapted to all ground types, and high performance use.

Specifications and benefits:
Architectural Asthetic
• Being the most suitable system to split wide areas
and achieve a unique look, folding door systems add
value to commercial, housing and social areas, with
its structure that allows applications up to 8 sashes.
• With glazing combinations up to 30 mm and use
of jalousie option, it increases esthetic value of busi-
• With the E 55 and EDR 55 door systems, it can be
applied to insulated and non-insulated options in
wide angles ranging from 90 degrees to 135 degrees
to adept to wide areas, due to its integrated structure.
• In the area of application, it creates a vision of up to
24 square meters, when all sashes are added.
EK 50
EK 50
Mimari Katalog
EK 50
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