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In 2005, Ender Aluminum structural elements Co. began production in its modern facilities on 56000 m2 at Gaziantep’s 4th organized industrial zone.

Since its establishment, Ender Aluminum focuses on continuous development and exports to Middle Asia, Europe, Balkans, Africa and Arabic countries. Ender Aluminum makes continuous investments for increasing its brand awareness and making Turkey an important brand name in aluminum sector.
Its expert and experienced marketing team is working to fulfill all customers’ need. The main principle of Ender family is improving customer satisfactions about product quality and performance expectations with its innovative approach and continuous development.

The modern facility of Ender Aluminum contains extrusions, electrostatic powder paint, anodized paint and final applications. The production capacities are: 12000 tons of extrusion with 3 presses, 9000 tons of anodized painted and 3000 tons of electrostatic powder painted product.
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